Our foundation

We are passionate about making organisations better at working better.  

It is all about enabling organisations to unlock their capacity to learn, act and change in ways that improve performance, employee engagement and customer focus - at the same time.


We are hands-on people with a practical and pragmatic mindset. Everything we do has deep roots in leadership and management theory, organisation psychology, process facilitation, and communication theory.  We stay close to academia, and we work with all sorts or organisations across sectors - and we know that the key to success is to bridge between research and real life in applicable, affordable and actionable ways. That is the heart of what we do.

We are a networked company


Every assignment deserves the best team - but no team is the best for all assignments.


We would rather be among the best than among the biggest. Therefore, struqtures® is a networked company with a core team and a network of associated partners with razor-sharp competencies and great personalities - we call it our WORK WISE WEB.


One of our strongest assets is the ability to find and work with the best consultants in the market.

Compromise is not an option when we select our associate partners. They are all so experienced, professional, and organisationally adept, that they click on to your organisation with ease, and they spend less time on assisting you - better - than anybody else would.


At struqtures, we do what we do best - and we team up with strong partners that do what they do best. We organise in a work wise web, where global subject-matter expertise blends with local presence and a human touch. We are organisational path finders who know the do's and don'ts of organisational development.

World wide contact:


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Tel. +45 4063 1300

Denmark, Norway, Sweeden, Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands.


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A wise web of

certified struqtures advisors and facilitators


Tel. +45 6060 3545