struqtures® work experience assessment

identifes what matters most to boost customer focus, performance and employee engagement at any level of the organisation.


Work Experience is our expertise

Wx assessments capture what your people know about the effectiveness of strategy, structures, systems, controls and collaborative practices. 

Wx is a framework of digital organisation assessments that reduce bias, show where you should put your focus first, and they show you what to do. 

It is the fast track to make organisations work better - fast.

Work Experience Matters - so why not assess it?

The way you organise work impacts performance and engagement. Assessing the work experience enables you to identify the actions that pave the way to increasing performance and engagement.

Work experience is all about operational facts. When work is organised in ways that enable smoothless and effective interactions, then performance goes up and it is fun to go to work.

Your people knows what goes on at operational level in your organisation. They have hands-on experience with processes, clients, systems and stakeholders, and they know exactly where the organizational pain points are - because they have to cope with them at a daily basis.

But do you know what they know?  Imagine how far it could take you, if you have direct access to data, that translates the organisation's work experience into insigths and immediate action?

A struqtures® work experience assessment is a digital x-ray that captures how effectively the organisation's bits and pieces work together, e.g. strategy, structure, systems, mindset, coordination & control practices. Check it out at individual level, team level, business unit level or get an overview of the full organisation.

With struqtures® you get the overall picture fast. X-ray your organisation and discover the emergent pain points before they burst into full-blown problems, and get reports with recommendations on how to create immediate results on what matters most to customer focus, performance and employee engagement.


work experiences

Assess each individual's work experience and get a structure for having 1:1's that make a difference.


work experiences

Assess how teams organise and do work, and find out how work should be redesigned to boost performance and engagement.


agility and resilience 

Assess how you perform on the drivers of organisational agility and resilience, and identfy your strengths and pain points.


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The Organisation Knows All It Needs to Know

Activate the knowledge and unlock the obstacles that unleash organisational potential

Performance improvements, employee engagement projects and customer focus efforts often run in parallel streams. It does not have to be that way.


  • Imagine, that you work with performance, engagement and customer focus as mutually reinforcing.
  • Imagine, that your organisation can identify where and how to improve performance, engagement and customer focus at the same time.
  • Imagine, that you can involve all employees in your organisation before deciding on what to do.
  • Imagine, that you get a precise picture of your organisation's potential for improvement - across the most essential organisational dimensions.
  • Imagine that you unlock your organisation's collective intelligence in ways that trigger fast action and results.


Imagine, you can do all this all by yourself, in a couple of days and at a low cost....


That is what struqtures® is all about.


Our management meetings kept moving in circles. It was almost predictable where any discussion would start and end. Focus shifted constantly, few decisions were taken, and every fewer were implemented. I am not proud to say this loud.

However, the struqtures® assessments cut through our perceptions, reduced biases and focused our discussion to concentrate on what matters most to our organisation's performance. Finally, our management team aligned and pulled off. Together, we drew up a completely new solution to old, persisting issues - and we could implement all of it right away.

Functional Director, Global Manufacturing Company